Historically, school pizzas have been BORING.  4 x 6 rectangles don’t resonate with today’s students as pizza. Just as my parents taught us, quality is #1 with Wild Mike’s.

We use 51% white whole grains, herbs and cheese baked onto the bottom of our crust, four real cheeses including imported Parmesan from Italy, and our zesty sauce that hasn’t changed since my dad created it in 1967!

Artificial ingredients don’t have a place in Wild Mike’s products.  

Once you bite into a slice of Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza you can’t wait for pizza day!  Our goal is to offer the K-12 segment the best tasting, best looking and cleanest label out there.

Want to raise your participation on Pizza Day? Wild Mike’s knocks the socks off K-12 kids. Students love the taste and quality, but they also love the Wild Mike’s logo and character.  Kids count down to pizza day when Wild Mike’s is on the menu. 

LET’S make pizza fun again!

For more information regarding our K-12 products, contact your sales rep and/or visit our official Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza website: www.wildmikesultimatepizza.com

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